ORMA BIO was founded at the beginning of 2013. It is a company working for production and trading of organic fresh fruit and vegetables, composed by a team of expert professionals very well-known in Apulia for organic and biodynamic agriculture, working since tens of years in fresh produce, with diversified experience both in the organic food production and in company management.

Our project is to start a process for selection and management of particularly fitting farms, follow them up technically during plants growing, caring the compilation of the legally required documents, packing their products in a qualified packhouse compliant for high hygienic standard and quality, finally loading their products directly to the clients, in order to make food chain so short as possible.


Our Mission


We aim to the seek of excellence in the cultivation of GMO – and CMS – free varieties, with deep respect for our territory, environment conservation and human health care, both of workers and of consumers. In love with our land and our history, since years we dedicate to the research and valorisation of local varieties, often unknown and not corresponding to big retailers requests though very appreciated by local people and tourists visiting Apulia. Besides, we stay convinced that going along with seasonality and natural pace increases food value, doing a good service to environment, wild fauna and flora. Our team, sharing knowledge and experience in the territory, firmly believes in these values, fully satisfied by organic and biodynamic principles put in practice the sale of certified-products-only

– through –

sustainable economic development of farms and agritourisms thanks to the supplying of assistance, market development both in standard and in short chain.

– The outcome-

Protection of human wellbeing and health, environment and territory care, conservation and valorisation.